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Starting with Yiffalicious 0.7.1 users are able to install custom skins.

Custom skins are stored under a series of folders located in '%appdata%\yiffalicious\custom\textures'

Custom skin folders are laid out in the following structure:

- character_name
+ - body part
  + - numeric slot index (0 based)
    + - Mesh (or meshes)
      + - _MainTex.png
      + - _MainTex_Patch.png (for herm/futa)

These folders are generated automatically as you instance a character in the game.

See Character Skin List for a list of the in game skins that can be customized.

Downloading models

You can download the models from the download page.

Creating a skin

A skin currently consists of the _MainTex.png (and optionally a _MainTex_Patch.png) that are used as the main albedo (base color) texture for the in game models. note: replacing normal/bump maps are not currently supported

To make skin authoring easier, static models and a default skin are provided via the 'characters' tab on the patron download page.

Editing a skin texture

Any graphics application will let you edit the flat UV map, however applications like Substance Painter (not free) or Blender (free) will let you edit and preview the uv map on the model.

Patch textures

The _MainTex_patch texture is used or herm/futa characters. This texture is overlaid on the _MainTex to skin parts of the mesh that do not exist in the non herm/futa model.


Previewing a skin

To test out a skin you can manually drag it to the correct folder under '%appdata%\yiffalicious\custom\textures' or use jei3's live skin dropper. If you want to leave Yiffalicious running while you edit and update skin textures you can refresh the in game skins using the F5 key.

Publishing a skin

You can publish your skins in the Forum.

It is recommended, but not required, that you provide a ZIP file compatible with jei3's skin manager, this will make installing the skin much easier for the end user. See Jei3's SkinManager Skin Format for more info.

Installing a Skin

To install a skin manually:

  • place the _MainTex.png of the skin you want to install into the appropriate folder
    Note: for characters with multiple meshes (e.g. ilinir and fraenir), you may need to copy multiple textures into multiple folders.

Alternatively, if you downloaded a ZIP file that follows the format for Jei3's Skin Manager

  • Drag the ZIP into the right hand panel of the Skin Manager to add it to the skin DB
  • Drag the Skin on the character slot on the left side of the Skin Manager you want it installed to