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RELEASE NOTES 0.4.1 (2015-11-30) (Patron build)

New character!

  • Male Athletic Wolf
  • Official character
  • Winner of the first poll
  • Pictures
    • Character front
    • Character back
    • Knot
    • The knot is tweakable and can increase and decrease in size
    • We recommend using the tessellation setting for maximum quality!
      • You can find tessellation in Menu > Graphics

New feature

  • Physically responsive knotting
    • Control how difficult it is for the penis to move in our out of an orifice
    • Two sliders (Thrusting category)
    • Resistance in
    • Resistance out
    • Examples
    • Full resistance
    • Some resistance
    • No resistance
    • PRO TIPS!
    • Press and hold Left Shift while dragging a resistance slider to change both at the same time
    • Use the force slider in combination with the resistance sliders for the right effect
    • This implementation is not 100% done yet
    • Improvements & changes are ongoing


  • Time flow indicators
    • UI showing how time is flowing
    • Makes it easier to understand how timing works
    • You can find these in the "Sound", "Force" and "Ass wave" categories
  • Rhino skinning has been improved
  • The way forces work has been completely refactored
    • There were several bugs in the previous implementation
    • Forces should behave more predictable and stable now
    • Force distance slider has been removed
    • The force slider is now exponential
    • Forces rise slowly
    • Gives you more control for fine tuning
    • NOTE! Interactions may behave differently now from when they were submitted!
    • Please check out your interactions, configure them as necessary and resubmit
    • We have implemented a system that tries to translate older interactions' settings to this new system when loaded
      • It's far from perfect
    • If you want to edit one of your existing cloud interactions, follow these steps:
      • Download the interaction from the cloud
      • Edit it as you see fit
      • Save the interaction
      • Right click the old interaction in the cloud, and select "Upload new version"
      • Select your newly saved interaction
  • Loading screen has a progress bar

Bug fixes

  • Sometimes sounds were playing rapidly
    • Shouldn't happen anymore
  • Anus fixes
    • New clipping prevention system caused undesired effect in 0.4.0c
    • Unfortunately issue is still present for vags
    • We really want to think of a better method to prevent clipping, that's both easy to author and efficient at preventing clipping
  • Horse orifice has been reconfigured to look better
  • Fixed issue with character Rotation target (purple line)
    • Would cause characters rotate improperly for certain interaction setups
    • Especially older interactions that were loaded totally broke
    • This issue has been present since the new spline system
  • Fixed head & eyes looking issue
    • Heads and eyes would sometimes stutter and jerk when switching look target
    • This issue has been present since initial release in June
  • Property help info positioning fix
    • Will take its placement and height into consideration
    • Wont show text off-screen anymore
    • Happened when appearing close to bottom edge previously

Known issues

  • The wolf knot causes clipping in vag orifices
  • Changing speed causes undesired behavior for a short duration
    • Jerky movement
  • High risk of bugs
    • Lots of refactoring
    • Minimal testing
    • Please report bugs at our forum


  • Internal restructuring of code concerning how characters and penises are set up
    • Was needed to pave the way for toys, and potentially swappable penises (no promises)
  • WIP builds require serial key
    • Only one time per cycle
    • Does not require online connection in app (though we really do recommend having a connection so you can access the Yiff Cloud)
    • Other changes (not app-related, but we thought we might wanna mention them since it has taken time from us)
  • The site has been templated
    • It was becoming hard to manage, and templating was something we always wanted to do
    • From now on it'll be easier to bring changes to the site
  • New system for WIP access
    • Instead of emails being sent, we are using Patreon OAuth
    • As you login to our site through Patreon, you'll be given a serial key
    • This key is required to run Yiffalicious WIP
    • It's personal to you, so keep it safe
  • Forum has been migrated to new provider